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hope you guys like my art ^^
if you say recolor or anything that is mean :icongtfoplz:



By Jeff

Jeff's questions:

1. If you could have sex with any anime character (Male or Female) Who would it be?
2. What's your favorite type of weapon to use?
3.  How are you feeling right now?
4. Who in my roster of characters is your favorite?
Momoka and peppermint
5. Do you want to spend a night at Freddy Fazbears?
Uh, no
6. Then go and apply for the job and...Well it was nice knowin' ya.
Uh, I already got a job
7. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie center of a tootsie pop?
The world may never know
9. Who would you rather spend the night making love too? Mileena from Mortal Kombat, or Poison from Final Fight/Street Fighter. (And remember guys, she's actually a dude.)
10. Would you like to join the awesome guild today?! :D
I'm already in the guild


Rango1324's Profile Picture
Rango The Hedgehog
United States
Name: Rango
Nickname: Ramon, R, The Wind Master
Techniques: Kamehameha, Instant Transmission, Aquatic disc, Hydro cannon, Dragon Fist (ultimate attack), Typhoon Buster , chaos control, ki shen (Typhoon Slash), Rasengan and spirit bomb
Weapon: Sword, and fist
Style: Hiten mitsurugi style (sword style)
Elements: Water, and Wind
Bio: he's a sayian swordsman who wants to protect the ones he cares about the most, when he was 8 years old, an assassin killed both of his parents, so he had to be taken to an orphanage, when he met 3 good friends Max, Jack, and Kelly, so their friendship grow, when he was 10, a human took Rango in and taught him the hiten mitsurugi style his sword teacher's name is kenshin  himura (himura "the battosai"), somehow kenshin taught Rango the ultimate attack of the hiten mitsurugi style, amkan kayru nohokenomeiki, so Rango decided to travel around the world, he was born with sayian powers from his father, but he has a potential to be a great sayian and a swordsman as well, he was 14 when we travel to different countries and decided to stay in the U.S.A, when he was 17, he met wade and wade decided to teach him the powers of the sayian, wade train him until Rango reached SSJ3, Rango achieved the super sayian 3 and wade told Rango to train, now Rango have the power to protect, but he got to train to master some forms. All through out the year of his life, he has an all new forms, but his dad didn't told him about the seal, he has a dragon sealed inside him before Rango was born.
(Not finished with the bio)
Pain catchphrase: ouch, the pain hurts like f***
Something goes bad catchphrase: aw nuts
Home world: in space somewhere, it got destroyed by an asteriod
Transformations: SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, and an all new form
Theme Song: Invincible by MGK
Likes: my gf, food, to have fun with friends and family
Dislikes: Trolls, getting tagged on DA
RS: taken
DA Family

Dad: :iconscrapzebra:

Brothers: :iconmxtheavatarhog: :iconjacobbistherabbit: :iconkaanimation: :iconblear25: :icondukedn: :iconsupersonic124th: :iconjohnnythehedgehog3: :icontuffnick20: :iconred-flashth18: :icontornade786:

Sisters: :iconanaka14: :iconbewarnedbitch: :iconeduardathecat893: :iconcrazehwolfie: :iconxxhearmycallxx: :iconhollythecat12: :iconxxalina-chaxx: :icondarkjewel1: :iconxxxbfmv-girlyxxx:

Teacher: :iconkojithehedgehog15:

Neighbor: :iconanal-shipment:

Aunt: :iconabsolangelis113:

Uncle-in-law: :iconghostthehedgehog12:

Cousin: :iconxxxzero8: :iconxx-cececoolkitty-xx:

An assassain that likes to hug people (^^;): :iconburnt-sonic:

Daughter: :iconminoxmoonbeam:

Brother/Rival: :iconxxzackthewolfxx:

Broski: :iconsideswipeth:

Person who I don't respect: :icondarkthehedge12:

Sprite Helper: :icondukedn:

A good friend and my teammate: :iconzerocyanx:

cool friend: :icondrakethebluedragon:

Rival: :iconaeonthehedgehog1000:

standard friend: :iconmattthehedgehog57:

Personal Family Executor. A.k.a Assassin: :iconravthehedgehog:

wolfie that follows you around: :iconembodiment-of-ice:

Brother that likes hugs: :iconxxxprince-asuraxxx:

Sissy: :iconsatchey-metal:

Imaginary friend: :iconxicemaidx:

Sister that likes my vids: :iconblonaze:

Cute bunny sister: :iconbabybunnybun:

Big brother: :iconkthelonewolf:

Pedobear(XD): :iconthe-shadow-queen:

Lil sister: :iconsonikkuhedgieforever:

Training Partner: :iconroxas3183:
Team LightStrom
:iconherospeedplz: :iconrango1324: (leader)
:iconheroflyplz: :iconlightninghurricane98:
:iconheropowerplz: :iconzerocyanx:

I'm a fan of

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